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2.8 How to Compile Your Application

To compile your application program, you can make use of the template makefile shown below. This is the makefile for the producer-consumer example. Change the variable YAPIROOT to the directory where you installed YAPI, and change the variable OBJS according to your sources.

Program 2.8.1   Makefile
YAPI          = $(YAPIROOT)

INCLUDES      = -I$(YAPI)/include
LIBS          = $(YAPIROOT)/lib/libyapi.a

CXX           = g++

OBJS          = consumer.o \
                producer.o \
                pc.o \

EXE           = ./run.exe

all:    $(EXE)

test:   $(EXE)

$(EXE): $(OBJS)
        $(CXX) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJS) $(LIBS) -o $(EXE)

clean:; rm -rf $(OBJS) $(EXE)

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