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The development of YAPI has been initiated by the members of the former hardware software codesign cluster of the group Niessen in cooperation with the former members of the processor oriented architectures cluster of the group Lippmann working in the COSY project. The authors gratefully acknowledge the contributions to YAPI from Jean-Yves Brunel, Arjan Kenter, Wido Kruijtzer, Paul Lieverse, Wim Smits, Kees Vissers, and Pieter van der Wolf.

YAPI Release 0.5 has been developed in the cluster Embedded Systems Design Technology of the group Embedded Systems Architectures on Silicon. The YAPI development is part of an effort to develop methodologies and tools to support the design of stream processing systems. Currently, YAPI is being developed further in cooperation with Eric Kamps and Martin Klompstra from Electronic Design and Tools Synthesis who will distribute this release as YAPI ED&T Release 1.0 and any further releases.

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