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Y-chart Application Programmer's Interface

What is YAPI


YAPI is an application programmer's interface to write signal and stream processing applications as process networks. The communication between processes is based on Kahn Process Networks with blocking reads on theoretically unbounded fifos. The library contains a C++ run-time environment to execute applications on desktops and workstations.


YAPI has been developed at Philips Research. The Electronic Design and Tools department maintained and supported YAPI up to 2005. Currently, the project is hosted at SourceForge.net


User's Guides


VYA: Applying YAPI to Video ( HTML | PDF | PS)


E.A. de Kock, G. Essink, W.J.M Smits, P. van der Wolf, J.-Y. Brunel, W.M. Kruijtzer, P. Lieverse, K.A. Vissers, YAPI: Application Modeling for Signal Processing Systems, Proceedings 37th Design Automation Conference, Los Angeles, 2000. PDF

Getting and Installing YAPI


The latest release is yapi-2.1.0 (Release Notes). You can browse the sources using doxygen.

YAPI Applications

We provide a few example applications. You can browse the sources using doxygen. The examples use VYA and a parsing utility.


You can subscribe to the YAPI user's mailinglist. Please submit bugs, support requests, and feature requests through the SourceForge.net site.


We gratefully acknowledge the contributions to the development of YAPI from Jean-Yves Brunel, Arjan Kenter, Wido Kruijtzer, Paul Lieverse, Wim Smits, Kees Vissers, and Pieter van der Wolf.

We thank Kees van Zon for being our first enthousiastic user and for setting up the Philips internal website with YAPI applications.

We thank Martin Klompstra and Eric Kamps for maintaining and supporting YAPI the last four years.

We thank Jan Hoogerbrugge for allowing us to use TRT as the underlying cooperative multithreading kernel.

Finally, we thank SourceForge.net for hosting this project.
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