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jpegdec File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
datatype.h [code] [code]
decode.h [code] [code]
dmx.h [code] [code]
downscale.h [code] [code]
idct.h [code] [code]
idct1d.h [code] [code]
iq.h [code] [code]
izz.h [code] [code]
jfif.h [code] [code]
jpeg.h [code] [code] [code]
jpegdec.h [code] [code]
matrix.h [code] [code]
raster.h [code] [code]
sof.h [code] [code]
sos.h [code] [code]
transpose.h [code] [code]
upscale.h [code] [code]
vld.h [code]

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